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The Hennessey Pubic Library is pleased to offer online services for our virtual community. You are eligible to join our virtual world if you are a resident of Kingfisher County, or if you own property, work, or go to school in Kingfisher County. For out-of-county patrons, a yearly fee of $10.00, payable by check mailed to The Hennessey Public Library opens the virtual door.

Adventure awaits! You have the benefit of on-line check-out of eBooks, audio books, and video. You can manage your physical library account and reserve print materials. You can join the buzz and let your voice be heard on the library's Facebook page.

We are now open Virtually 24/7 and ready to hear from you! Apply today and get online!

Adult Library Application Form

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I live in Kingfisher County.
I work in Kingfisher County.
I own property in Kingfisher County.
None of the above. I will send a yearly fee of $10.00.

I apply for the right to use the Library and will abide by its rules. I will pay fines or damages charged to me and give prompt notice of any change of address.