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Dollars donated to library


At The Library

It's Not Just Dollars...

Lioness Donation of Candy for Haunted Library

Every box of tissue or case of bottled water, every roll of paper towels or brand new, just-out-of-the-box, never-been-used laptop is one item that does not have to be purchased with library dollars.

In-kind giving enriches the library community in two ways: First, by the value of the item itself; second, by the dollars saved to be spent on other library materials.

...but Dollars Mean a Lot!

A dollar plus a dollar equals two. They add up. From the big, tax-deductable donations that purchase the library sign, to the 25 cents dropped into the change jar, every penny goes into library service.

Donations made through the Friends of the Library are deductable on taxes, and the use of the funds can be designated.

In Memoriam

Memorial Candle

Make a memorial or honorarium gift in the name of a loved or respected person.



Become a Benefactor!
Benefactors enjoy special benefits at the library.
Discounts on copying
Discounts on printing
Discounts on book sales
Fine-Forgiven card
Special recognition

Leave a Legacy

Let your life continue through the generations with a library legacy. Contact your lawyer to determine how you may best continue to support the work of the Hennessey Public Library.

The influence of a life well-lived never ends