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High School Seniors volunteering at the library

Community Service

At The Library

Scholarship Opportunities

HS Seniors working on obits in the Oklahoma Room, 2007

Students seeking scholarships know that showing community service is important on their applications, and the library has a variety of opportunities for them. Our high school volunteers work with children in the summer, clean the library, and even do heavy work when needed. Not only do they benefit the library, but they gain experience, skills, and those important references they need as they step out into life. They also become eligible for the Helen Cline Educational Scholarship offered by the Friends of the Library.

Just 'Cause...

...and these are the best of all. These are the volunteers who get nothing out of their service but the satisfaction of doing something fine for their community. They are the community, and without them, the library would have no life. Hennessey supports its library.
Volunteers decorating the library Volunteers mapping the Hennessey Cemetery Volunteers serving at Christmas Open House

Youthful Offenders

Young volunteer digging out clay for the Territorial Garden Both the library and the young nonviolent offender benefit from the Juvenile Offender program at the library. Young men, and one intredpid female, dug out the hard Oklahoma clay to create The Territorial Garden. There is always cleaning to be done, books to be moved, auditorium seats to polish. brooms Meaningful work is the best alternative to juvenile detention,and the library is pleased to be a part of this redemptive system.

Those interested in this program should read the Juvenile Offender Policy and contact the library for more information.

The work is not easy, but it is worthwhile.