Enid Seniors Visiting the Snyder Center

Mastodon Bones!

Did you know the giant mastodons roamed this area? In the Sam & Burla Snyder History Center tour, visitors get to touch a bit of the prehistoric past and learn something about how time and friction can reduce the great and powerful to dust.

Portrait of Pat Hennessey

The Buffalo War

Who was Pat Hennessey and why does he have a town named for him? Explore the Buffalo War and learn how this Irish freighter's death became the pivotal event in the closing of the American West and the opening of Oklahoma to white settlement.
Mastodon bones
School Bus Dropping Off Kids for a Library Tour

School Tours

Who knew the library could be such fun? 3rd & 4th graders get to go behind the scenes to see how a library works and what exciting possibilities there are for young explorers.

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Informational Visits

Schedule a visit that includes an informational talk on a topic or topic of choice. Recent talking tours included information on:
Pat Hennessey and the Buffalo War
Roy Cashion and the Spanish American War
Brickworks in North Central Oklahoma
Hennessey: Town of Two Land Runs
First Doctors: Newton Rector and H. Violet Sturgeon
Early Movie Houses and the Ortman Story
Lee Hart: Legendary Schoolmaster