How do you commemorate the life of the woman who was the drive behind the 1938 Book Drive? The woman who campaigned tirelessly for historical markers from Dover to Bison along Highway 81? The woman who worked with her husband to bring metro-quality film to Hennessey? How do you adequately memorialize the gifted, energetic, creative, powerhouse that was Hutoka Ortman?

In memory of this extraordinary Hennessey woman, so essential to the creation of this library, we maintain a video collection of the American Film Institute's 100 Best Movies. The list changes each year, and we add to the collection. For this reason, there are now over a hundred titles, many of which ran First-Run at the Ortman Theatre in the days when Mrs. Ortman and George were entertaining the town.
Hutoka Carrie Ortman  
Hutoka Carrie Ortman Column

Carrie the Cashier. She wrote a column for the Clipper week after week, chatty, informative, sometimes brash. Her excitement with Life comes through on every page. We have a collection of her clippings in the Snyder Center and are in the process of digitalizing them for future reference. You don't have to be from Hennessey to laugh with "Carrie," the Ortman cashier.