Library Benefactors

Thank you! You go above and beyond--always. Your generosity is overwhelming and on-going and provides a bridge over streams of difficulty, rivers of impossibility.  You are the Library Benefactors.


A benefactor is one who donates significantly to the library on an ongoing basis.  The blue Benefactor Card entitles the holder to reduced cost printing and faxing services, longer check-out periods, and reduced fines.  These benefits are only a very small indiction of the appreciation we have for the continuing support of these generous individuals.

In Memory of Jacque Moore and Gwen Cline

You provide the warm...the down home...the soft rug where we curl up with a really good book and dream long dreams...

Patricia Armbruster

Award-Winning Books

  • Caldecott
  • Coretta Scott King
  • Donna Norvell
  • Newbery
  • Redbud List
  • Sequoyah Master List
Book Carpet for the Children's Room
In Memorium: Robert Barr

the brick street sign for the library
        You provide for us a signpost on our way.


Organizer of Friends of the Library

Donated magazine subscriptions make up most of the periodical offerings of the library.Helen Cline



                             You inform us...  

                                               The Capital Letter "I"lluminate...     

                                                                             The  Letter "e"lucidate...

In Memorium: Hugh O'Neill
 You have brought us the traditional, the literary, the rare
                          the just plain unusual!

Hugh O'Neill 

A selection of eclectic titles
Historician and Archivist

You help us
Lone Star School and "Remember" Richard Simunek

In Memorium: Bill Walter


Bill and Barbara Walter

              You bring rich gifts to us,
                         the books we cannot buy:
                               from the Hot new titles
                                     to treasures from The Clipper


You give us our history, our present, and our future.

    New Titles


    • The Clipper Camera Collection
    • Memorabilia from WWII
    • Novels
    • The Barbara and Bill Walter Digitized Clipper