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Local author and teacher of English, Marjorie Anderson said of Bill Buie that they were best friends at the beginning and best friends at the end. When he died, she wished to commemorate his life in an enduring collection and contributed to the purchase of the first microfilm in the Hennessey microfilm collection. The first issues of The Hennessey Clipper on microfilm were purchased and, through the years, issues were added until today the Bill Buie Collection includes the complete Hennessey Clipper on microfilm from the first issue of June 13th, 1890 to the present day, as well as microfilm of other regional newspapers, a complete chronicle of the weekly happenings in the Land Rush territory of North Central Oklahoma. 

Early Newspaper Cartoon
Other microfilm in the collection includes:
Dover Chieftain
Dover Times
Hennessey Press
Jul. 27, 1894-Jan. 26, 1895
The Press Democrat
The Hennessey Kicker
Feb. 19, 1896-Dec. 29, 1899
The Eagle
Jan. 2,1897-Dec. 29, 1904
Kiel Press
1900- 1904
Dover News
Oklahoma Pilot
Jun. 23,1904-Jul. 28, 1904
The Hennessey Eagle
Jan. 5, 1905
Kingfisher Midget
Kiel Herald
Tenent Farmer
1912, 1914-1915
Kiel Record


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