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Hennessey Hank, The Prairie Dog Prognosticator
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January 3, 2018--Early spring after up & down winter. 
Thumbs Down.  Oh, Hank!  How wrong can you be?Nice weather 'til July and then HOT!  Still dry--REALLY dry...be careful of fire.

February 3, 2017--Early spring after puny winter. Sprinter?
Thumbs Up!  Schizophrenic weatherNo winter to speak off. Call it an early spring. Look for a scorcher of a summer starting right smack dab on the 4th of July. Dry. Really dry.
January 22, 2016--Early Spring!
  Thumbs Up!  Lots of rain until there wasn't any more. Drought broken and then back.  Nothing new...Goin' out on that limb again this year and predicting an early wet spring, rain into June and then dry, dry, dry. HOT summer!
 January 26, 2015--Oklahoma Surprise--No Surprise.
Thumbs Up!  Mostly yes--early summer was a drought-busting rain, then dry Dry spring, late, after a nothing winter that won't get in gear until February. Warm days and then ice--you know the drill.
 January 29, 2014--Heck If I Know...
Thumbs Down--C'mon Hank, you can do better. Guess I'll go with an early spring again this year. Got blasted last year, but a fella can't always be right, now can he? Crocus is staying underground, but those daffy dillys are testing the air, so I'll go with spring and regular visits from the Polar Express.
Hank!  You failed us!  We're freezing.  At least your eastern cousin got it wrong too. January 22, 2013--On Again/Off Again
Hank!  You failed us!  We're freezing.  At least your eastern cousin got it wrong too.  Early spring--trust me... The temperatures will be up and down, but more up than down. Don't look for much from the flowers though, and be sure you've got a reliable water supply before trying a garden. The drought won't turn loose this summer.
 January 31, 2012--What Winter???
  Mostly yes, if he meant the lack of moisture would be summer.  We were swamped in the spring, but in severe drought by July.You're asking about spring when we haven't had winter? It is spring. We'll get walloped sometime before St. Patrick's Day, but spring is already here and will bounce back. Not much moisture, though. Dry summer--hot. Bugs'll be awful. This too shall pass.
 January 20, 2011--Roller Coaster Spring.
  He called it.Not much of a winter but, still, a late spring. Temps will be moderate and up and down with late freezes after the fruit trees have started to bloom. It's Oklahoma.
 January 28, 2010-Early Spring.
  Wow, Hank, when you're wrong, you're really wrong!  It was a late winter that didn't want to turn loose.Spring will come early and be violent. Cold snaps and tornados are coming, but the crocus and daffodils are already coming up and the birds didn't go much further south than Dover. Don't plant annuals 'til May 1st.
 January 24, 2009-Early Spring.
  It was early, but up and down.The trees aren't budding , but Hank's going out on a limb. Spring will come early with a late freeze after the roses have leafed out and it will be a dry year. Check those water hoses this winter--you're going to need them.
 January 19, 2008-Brrrr...Late Spring.
 When it finally warmed up for good, it got hot!Temps are up and down. Crocuses are late. Daffodils will bloom on time, but will be nipped by cold. Hank predicts that there will lots of warm days, but winter won't give up easy.
June 13, 2007--Wanta Build An Ark?
  The drought was definitely broken and then it got steamy.Hennessey's a little soggy. Hank predicts the rain will continue into the summer, but come to an end after the 4th of July.
 January 20, 2007--February Thaw
  Brrr! We thought spring would never come! Wow, Hank, when you're wrong, you're really wrong!Cold and wet down the prairie-dog hole, Hank keeps digging out and predicts an early but skittish spring--February warm-up with unexpected cold spells.
 March 13, 2006--Desert Spring!
Drought worsens.  This time, we wish Hank had been wrong.Hank predicts short dry spring, hot summer.