How do I register for a Library card?

Library cards are available free of charge to both residents and nonresidents of Kingfisher County who are 6 years of age or older. Applications may be made at the library for an individual card or a family card.

A responsible person must sign the application of a minor child.  This person is responsible for the fines and other charges that may occur in the use of the card.  Oklahoma Statute 1040.75 defines a minor as an unmarried person less than 18 years of age. A parent or guardian responsible for materials borrowed on a juvenile card may also restrict materials loaned on the card.

All patrons will be personally responsible for all information accessed and materials checked out using their library card number and should notify the library immediately if a card is stolen.  A dollar ($1) fee will be charged for printing a new card.







What can I borrow from the Library and for how long?
  • Print and audio books -2 weeks
  • Music CDs--2 weeks
  • Movies - 1 week
  • Adult and teen magazines, puzzles and games - 2 weeks
  • eBooks - 7-14 days
How do I renew library materials?

Most Library items can be renewed once if the item has not been requested by another Library patron. However, some items borrowed from others in our network of partner libraries have different renewal terms and are not renewable beyond the original due date.

There are several ways to renew your borrowed Library items:

  • Visit the Library
  • Call
  • Renew online through your library account
How do I request an interlibrary loan?

The library is pleased to participate in Oklahoma's interlibrary loan program.

  • Visit the library or call and request a title. 
  • If the material is available, give a telephone number for contact.
  • Pay postage of $2.50 upon receipt of loan.
  • Once an item is in transit to the library, the patron is responsible for postage whether they accept the loan or not.
  • Items that are not returned will be charged to the patron account. 
May I check out items when I owe a fine?

Patrons with outstanding fines or fees may not check out items until the fines or fees are paid.  However, if the amount owed is sizeable, upon payment of at least one dollar ($1), the patron may check out one item.

What fines and fees does the Library collect?


  • Books, Audio, Puzzles, Games--10 cents per day
  • Movies, Documentaries--$1 per day


  • Black & White Computer Print-Outs--10 cents per page
  • Color Computer Print-Outs--$1 per page
  • Copies of Outside Materials--25 cents per page
  • Copies of Library Materials--10 cents per page
  • Fax Services--$1 per page
  • Scanning Services--1st page free, $1 per page thereafter
  • Typing (2 page limit)--$5 per page