Adolf Hitler.

For those of a certain generation, the name evokes cruelty on a level below subhuman. The horrors of the Holocaust will forever be indelibly written on the memories of those who witnessed the death camps, those who survived, and those who brought to light the crimes hidden in Nazi Germany. But time moves on. The generations pass. Memories go to ground and the first-hand testimony is gone. For the these reasons, the Hitler Collection exists. When the witnesses lie in their graves, the written word must go on.
Bookcase housing the Hitler collection

Adolf Hitler









Mr. Hugh O'Neill was a special benefactor to the library. He was generous and funny and brightened our day, but he had been young when the future of the world was in question and was very serious about the World War. He spent many years purchasing hard to find editions of special works on Hitler and the Reich, determined that the atrocities would not be forgotten. Those books came to the library from his estate. Some of the more common titles are in the history section of the library and can be checked out. The books that are more difficult to replace are in the special collection, available for in-library research only.