Livin' In Town

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Evelyn Robinson Collection

In the 1960's, photographs were taken along Main Street, Hennessey. It was a vibrant town with drug stores, banks, beauty shops, and variety stores.


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Main Street Before 1908Main Street Before 1908

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Detail of Pat Hennessey Painting Showing White Outlaw A Visit to the Ranch Room
April 27, 2006

On a soft spring afternoon in April, a group of Hennessey residents took a trip into the past and returned with pictures.
Join them for a virtual mini-tour.
Today, this beautiful and unique space is home to Vernost Wine.

Main Street in Early 1900's, Looking South

Main  early 1900's

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Parade down Hennessey's Main Street, facing west
Walking Tour
Main, West Side

These original downtown buildings in our land run town have a story to tell.
Come walk here.

Main Street in 1900, Looking South

Main Street 1900

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Annette B. Ehler
Petticoat Government

Hennessey was the first town in Oklahoma to have a lady mayor and, within a year, elected women to each of the town offices--Town Clerk, Treasurer, and Police Judge.

The improvements they made in the dark, dirt streets and sanitation were progressive and the pride of the town.

Learn about our Ladies here

Main Street in 1938, Looking North

Main Street in 1938

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