Jean Anne Casey


Jean Anne Merritt Casey


We thought we would have her forever. How could all that passion and energy ever find an end?  She was an ardent volunteer with our young people, sitting on the floor with them, working through difficult homework assignments, patiently untying the tangles of an incomprehensible lesson for a frustrated student.


Her devotion to learning, and her bravery in following knowledge down whatever twisting path it might take, are memorialized in this collection of Advanced Placement reading resources. As the list of required reading grows, this collection grows, dedicated to her spirit which is still so strong with us.


The List and Locations


813.4 YA TWA Ad­ven­tures of Huck­le­ber­ry Finn Twain, Mark (Sa­muel Cle­men­s)
812.54 YA PIE Ag­nes of God: a ­dra­ma Pielmeier, John.
813.54 YA ATW Alias Grace At­wood, Mar­garet Eleanor
869.3 YA COE The Al­chemist Coel­ho, Paulo
812.52 YA MIL Al­l my ­son­s: a ­dra­ma in three­ acts Miller, Arthur
813.52 YA WAR Al­l the King's Men War­ren, Robert Penn
352.23 WOR Amer­i­can I­nau­gu­ral­s: The Speech­es, The Pres­i­dents, And Their Times Woronof­f, Kris­ten
812 MILLER Arthur Miller, Col­lect­ed Plays 1944-1961 Miller, Arthur
813/.52 YA JOH The au­to­bi­og­ra­phy of an ex-­col­ored ­man: au­thor­i­ta­tive ­tex­t, back­ground­s and ­sources, ­crit­i­cism John­son, James Wel­don
813.32 MELVILLE Bartle­by the Scriven­er; Ben­i­to Cereno; Bil­ly Budd Melville, Her­man
822.914 YA PIN The birth­day ­par­ty Pin­ter, Harold,
813/.54 YA NG Bone Ng, Fae Myen­ne,
891.73 YA DOS The Brother­s Kara­ma­zov: a re­vised ­trans­la­tion, ­con­texts, ­crit­i­cism Dos­toyevsky, Fy­o­dor­ (1821-1881)
813/.54 YA ATW Cat's Eye At­wood, Mar­garet Eleanor
813.54 YA UPD The Cen­taur Updike, John
813.54 YA COR The Cho­co­late War; Cormier, Robert
813.54 YA POT The Cho­sen Po­tok, Chaim
813.54 YA GUT Cliff­s Notes on Guter­son­'s Snow ­falling on cedars: notes Wa­sowski, Richard.
813.54 YA ESQ Co­mo agua ­para ­choco­late: Like Water ­for Cho­co­late Esquiv­el, Lau­ra
891.73 YA DOS Crime and Pu­n­ish­ment Dos­toyevsky, Fy­o­dor­ (1821-1881)
891.73 YA DOS Crime and Pu­n­ish­men­t: the Coul­son ­trans­la­tion, back­ground­s and ­sources, es­says in ­crit­i­cism Dos­toyevsky, Fy­o­dor­ (1821-1881)
823.91 YA JOYCE The Dead Joyce, James
812 MILLER Death Of A Sales­man Miller, Arthur
812.5 YA O'NEILL De­sire un­der the Elms O'Neil­l, Eu­gene
F TYL Din­ner At The Homesick­ Res­tau­rant Tyler, Anne
813.52 YA ARN The Doll­mak­er Arnow, Har­ri­et­te Louisa Simp­son,
808.8 ELI Vol. 14 Don Quixote Of La Man­cha Eliot, Charles W.
822.9 YA SHA Equ­us: a ­play Shaf­fer­, Peter,
882.1 YA AES The Eu­menides Aeschy­lus
813.54 YA BRADBURY Fahren­heit 451 Brad­bury, Ray
813.54 YA BRADBURY Fahren­heit cu­a­tro­cien­tos cin­cuen­ta y uno Brad­bury, Ray
812.54 YA WIL Fences Wil­son, Au­gus­ta E­vans
YA BRA Forever In Blue: The Fourth Sum­mer Of The Sis­ter­hood Brashares, Ann
YA BRA Girl­s In Pants Brashares, Ann
813.54 ATW The Hand­maid­'s Tale At­wood, Mar­garet Eleanor
636.4 HOR Hog Ties: from ­ma­nure ­to ­mor­tal­i­ty in Amer­i­can ­cul­ture Hor­witz, Richard P.
822.9 YA PIN The Home­com­ing Pin­ter, Harold,
R 631.37 HOT Hot­line An­tique Trac­tor Guide, Vol. II  
813.54 YA MOM House Made of Dawn Mo­ma­day, N. S­cott
814.54 EPH I Feel Bad About My Neck­: And Other Thought­s On Be­ing A Wo­man Ephron, No­ra
891.73 YA DOS The Idiot Dos­toyevsky, Fy­o­dor­ (1821-1881)
884.01 YA THE The Idylls The­ocri­tus, 300 BC-260 BC
813.54 YA O'BR In the Lake of the Woods O'Brien, Tim,
813.6 YA RAT In the Shad­ow of the Banyan Rat­ner, Vaddey.
973.6 JAC In­ci­dents In The Life Of A Slave Gir­l: writ­ten by her­self Ja­cob­s, Har­ri­et A
812.5 YA MAC J.B.: a ­play in ­verse MacLeish, Archibald,
F TAN The Joy Luck­ Club Tan, Amy
823.7 YA SCO Ke­nil­worth Scot­t, Wal­ter
823.7 YA SCOTT Ke­nil­worth: A Ro­mance Scot­t, Wal­ter
816.008 CAR Let­ter­s of a Na­tion: A Col­lec­tion of Ex­traor­di­nary Amer­i­can Let­ters Car­rol­l, An­drew
813.54 YA ESQ Like wa­ter ­for ­choco­late: a nov­el­ in ­month­ly in­stall­ments, with­ recipes, ro­mances, and home­ reme­dies Esquiv­el, Lau­ra
812 O'NEILL Long Day's Jour­ney In­to Night O'Neil­l, Eu­gene
882.01 YA ARI Ly­sis­tra­ta Aristo­phanes
813.4 YA CRANE Mag­gie, a ­girl of the streets Crane, Stephen
813.54 YA BAC A Man Called Ove: a nov­el Back­man, Fredrik
909.08 YA TUC The March of Fol­ly: from Troy ­to Viet­nam Tuch­man, Bar­bara Wertheim.
813.54 YA MIL Mart­in Dressler: the ­tale of an Amer­i­can ­dream­er Mill­hauser, Steven.
891.73 YA DOS Me­mo­ri­as del ­sub­sue­lo Dos­toyevsky, Fy­o­dor­ (1821-1881)
822.33 YA SHAKESPEARE A mid­sum­mer night's ­dream Shake­speare, Wil­liam
842.4 YA MOL The Misan­thrope Molière, 1622-1673
813.54 YA CAO Mon­key Bridge Cao, Lan.
822.912 YA SHAW Mrs. War­ren's Pro­fes­sion Shaw, Bernard
813.52 YA WRI Na­tive Son Wright, Richard
813.54 YA TYLER Noah's Com­pass: a nov­el Tyler, Anne
813 YA DOS Notes From the Un­der­ground Dos­toyevsky, Fy­o­dor­ (1821-1881)
891.73 YA SOL One Day in the Life of I­van Deniso­vich Solzhen­it͡s︡yn, Alek­san­dr Isae­vich,
813.52 YA WELTY The Op­ti­mist's Daugh­ter Wel­ty, Eu­do­ra
873.01 YA OVI Ovid's Me­ta­mor­phoses Ovid, 43 BC-18?
808 YA SEN Phae­dra and Other Plays Seneca, Lu­cius An­naeus
812.54 YA WIL The Piano Les­son Wil­son, Au­gus­ta E­vans
843.914 YA CAMUS The Plague ; The Fal­l ; Ex­ile and the King­dom ; and s­e­lect­ed es­says Ca­mus, Al­bert
823.914 YA SPA The Prime of Mis­s Jean Brodie Spark, Muriel
851 YA DAN Pur­ga­to­rio Dan­te A­lighier­i, 1265-1321
823.9 YA ISH The Re­main­s of the Day Ishig­uro, Kazuo
262 MEY Sav­ing Je­sus from the Church: How ­to S­top Wor­ship­ing Christ and S­tart Fol­low­ing Je­sus Mey­er­s, Robin R.
823.7 YA AUSTEN Sense And Sen­si­bil­i­ty Austen, Jane
813.54 YA STY Set This House on Fire Sty­ron, Wil­liam
YA BRA The Se­cond Sum­mer Of The Sis­ter­hood Brashares, Ann
F KID, 813.54 YA KID The Se­cret Life Of Bees Kid­d, Sue Monk
813.6 YA BRA The Sis­ter­hood Of The Trav­el­ing Pants Brashares, Ann
894.35 YA PAM Snow Pa­muk, Orhan
813.52 YA FAU The Sound and The Fury: The Cor­rect­ed Text Faulkn­er, Wil­liam
813.54 YA STY So­phie's Choice Sty­ron, Wil­liam
745.7 FRA Sten­cilling: A De­sign and Source Book  
843.914 YA CAMUS The Stranger Ca­mus, Al­bert
813.54 YA ATW Sur­fac­ing At­wood, Mar­garet Eleanor
813.54 YA O'B, F O'B The Things They Car­ried O'Brien, Tim,
  A Thou­sand Acres Smi­ley, Jane
891.73 YA DOS Three­ Short Novel­s Of Dos­to­evsky Dos­toyevsky, Fy­o­dor­ (1821-1881)
823.91 YA CON Vic­to­ry: an is­land ­tale Con­rad, Joseph
813.46 YA James Wash­ing­ton Square James, Hen­ry
813.6 YA OTS When the Em­per­or Was Divine: a nov­el Ot­suka, Julie
812.54 ALB Who's Afraid of Vir­gini­a Woolf: A ­play Al­bee, Ed­ward
261.2 MCL Why Did Je­sus, Mos­es, the Bud­dha, and Mo­hammed Cross the Road­?: Chris­tian I­den­ti­ty in a Mul­ti-Faith World McLaren, Bri­an D.,
839.8 YA IBS The Wild Duck Ib­sen, Hen­rik
813.54 YA WEL Win­ter in the Blood Welch, James,
813.54 YA O'CONNOR Wise Blood O'Con­nor, Flan­nery
303.48 FRE The World Is Flat: A Brief His­to­ry Of The Twen­ty-First Cen­tu­ry Frei­d­man, Thomas L
813.54 YA VAL Zoot Suit Valdez, Luis.

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