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Visiting With Kids


Browse the books, make a craft, enjoy a toy, connect on wifi--there's so much for a child to do at the library while Mom and Dad look for their favorite authors, and, if the family visits during a scheduled story time or other activity, the child is free to join in.Happy Girl Doing Crafts

Remember Your Manners. Wink Emoji

The library is an excellent place to practice good social manners, and children are encouraged to interact with one another and library materials in positive ways. A responsible adult should always be available in the library for children under the age of 8, and adults who leave older children alone to enjoy reading, playing games or visiting with friends should return in a short period of time.

Stay Safe.

Help us keep your children safe. A child too sick for school should be home in bed. Any child of any age left alone in the library must have a place to go when the library closes or if they become disruptive and a danger to other children or materials. Help us keep the library a happy place!