Sam Snyder

Sam and Burla Snyder were a team, always. There was not a person in town who did not purchase something at some time from their Ben Franklin store on Main. Sam was determined that the early history of this region be preserved, and he was an organizing force in the Sons and Daughters of the 89ers, and a motivator and benefactor to the community. The rich gift this beloved couple presented to the town through their estate has made the Sam and Burla Memorial History Center a regional archive of the historical events that transpired at the closing of the American West and the birth of the present day United States.

On a cold February day in 1977, armed with a tape recorder and orders from her teacher to capture Sam Snyder's story, Cathy Glenn sat down with the 76 year old pioneer and asked him questions about the early days and his life. A bonus on this tape is that Burla Snyder was in the room and her laughter and comments provide counterpoint to Sam's serious remembrances. The video is created from pictures in the Sam and Burla Snyder collection and illustrates locations and faces Sam describes.

Early Days

Outlaws and Entertainments

Watermelons and the KKK

Dust, Depression, and the WPA

Sam and the Lions