The Library Board is in search of a Director-In-Waiting to work along with Mary and then take the helm of this great ship we call the library.  The official job description can be found here, and the Help Wanted Ad will be in the local newspapers through the month of March.  A new Director means a new direction for the library, and we are excited to see what that will mean. October of this year will mark the 22nd year for the current director, and it has been a joyous two decades. This old building has fought her all the way, but we now enjoy over 13,500 square feet of educational space for the library, a regional history center, and dedicated spaces for reading, research, preschool, middle school, and young adults.  We've come a long way together, but the library was here before Mary and the library will be here after.  That special someone is out there somewhere, waiting for this dream job.  We just have to find them.