Picture of Mary Haney, Library Director


Library Director: Mary Haney

Mary arrived at the library in 1996 to find the very first computer in a box in a corner. How things have changed! It is her vision that drives progress.

Patron service is her first priority and she reminds staff that "Every time that door opens, our priorities change." Patron needs come first.

Education includes a BA in English Education and an MA in English Creative Studies. She has taught English, speech, and drama at both the high school and college level, written and directed religious drama, and authored the ebook series Hennessey Home Town Romance.

She is married and has three children and 8 grandchildren.


Emoji with Question Marks

Who Can It Be?

We are in a state of transition and our third staff member--cataloger, circ desk librarian, reference, and Jack/Jill of all trades--is yet to be chosen.  No, we are not advertising for this position and, no, we do not plan to fill it immediately.  Nonetheless, when the time comes, expect a super friendly, totally proficient, amazingly productive, superlatives warrented, Super Librarian!


Audry Reading


Children and Youth Services:  Audry Sanders


Audry grew up with us. She came first as a young patron, stayed as a volunteer, became a part-time helper, and stepped into the position of Children's Librarian upon the unexpected exit of the previous librarian. She's like that--always there when she's needed. She is our personable "people person" and people pleasing is her special talent.

Children love her. She is "Miss Audry" even with the Mrs. on her name, and her storytime children don't want to leave when the program is over.

Audry has taken college coursework and goes beyond certification requirements to educate herself through workshops and other courses. She has worked in other areas for the Town of Hennessey, but librarianship is her chosen profession. She is an active Friends of the Library volunteer and has served on state library committees.  She is married and has 2 step children.


Trixie, the Library Cat

Trixie, the Library CatTrixie in the lap of a patron

When Oreo, our first library cat and excellent mouser, retired, we determined that we would not get another until after Mary retired and the next director came into our lives.  After all, the next director may have a better way to eliminate the library rodents who so love our books and decorations.  However, in November of 2016, after we returned from our four day Thanksgiving holiday, it looked like every rat and field mouse in Hennessey had come for a long, no-holds-barred party.  The tiny black beads of evidence were everywhere from the drawers in the kitchen to the shelves in Reference.  The refrigerator and microwave were spared.  It was a slightly modified reprise of the scenerio that brought us Oreo.

"We need a cat."  The words were spoken and that day we found our girl on the Enid SPCA site.  Mary visited her to be sure and her response was, "Where have you been?  Let's go home."  So, with all shots and "that" operation complete, we paid our cash and took home a 5 month old kitten.  We have designated the 4th of July as the birthdate for Miss Independence.

Yes, she is a magnificent mouser--5 mice and a small snake in the first few months.  Now she patrols a rodent-free territory, sleeps a lot, and interacts with patrons.