A view of the brick wall in The Brick, the library's WiFi cafe

Join Us For Lunch!

Bring a brown bag special or pick up a tasty meal from one of Hennessey's excellent cafes and enjoy lunch with us in the quiet of our WiFi cafe and bookstore. Connect on the library's wireless system or enjoy a quick read, maybe even swap a title or two as you enjoy your indoor picnic. The Brick is open daily, except for Sunday, during library hours.


Friends Meeting in the Brick

Reserve the Brick

Judge Robert Lovell and Marjorie Anderson discussing their books


Reserve The Brick and Hospitality Hall for showers, reunions, book signings, and other gatherings where food is served. Food is always welcome!


christmas in the brick

Special Events

State Librarians at a Conference












State librarians meeting for Summer Share Fair enjoyed lunch in The Brick and Hospitality Hall. Employees from state water departments attemding training in the Snyder Center found the bottomless coffee pot a lifesaver. And Teen volunteers feel special when the smell of popcorn greets them at the door.

Whether the event is regional or intimately local, the Hennessey Friends of the Library have a statewide reputation for hospitality, and The Brick is the perfect venue.

Book Menu in The Brick

Purchase Used or Swap

Hardbound Books 50 cents
Paperback Books 25 cents
Videos 25 cents
Puzzles 25 cents
Audio Books 25 cents
National Geographics   05 cents
Other Magazines 01 cent