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Since April 22, 1889,

A Light on the Prairie...



  • 1889, April 22--Four quarters claimed by Hennessey Town-Site Company,
                     Mssrs. John L. Blair, E. C. Creech, Jacob U. Shade, and Canada H. Thompson.
  • 1889, June--Permission granted to become a town-site.
  • 1889--Rhodes Hotel built at corner of Oklahoma and Cherokee by Rock Island Railroad, later sold to C.P. Rhodes.
  • 1889, September--Dr. Newton Rector, first doctor in Kingfisher county, arrives in Hennessey.
  • 1889, October--Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad reaches Hennessey.
                     S.R. Overton, first agent and deputy U. S. Marshal
  • 1890, May 2--Congress passes Organic Act, creating Oklahoma Territory from Unassigned Lands in Indian Territory.
  • 1890--Lacey subscription school opened.
  • 1890, April--Lacey Post Office
  • 1890, June 12-- Hennesy Post Office, Oklahoma Territory, Oklahoma.
  • 1890, June 13--The Hennessey Clipper published by J. B. Campbell.
  • 1890,October 7--Hennessey Post Office, Indian Territory, Oklahoma
  • 1890, June 12--Town of Hennessey incorporated.
  • 1890--First "pay school" opened in Hennessey by Judge Charles Perkins
  • 1891--First Methodist Class organized in Hennessey by William H. Cooley.
  • 1891, September--First public elementary school opened in Hennessey.
  • 1892--M.A. Blackburn establishes blacksmith shop at Lacey Post Office.
  • 1892, April 29--First United Methodist Church chartered.
                     Mssrs. Charles Binding, Dr. E. S. Lower, John A. Sprowl, R.W. Robers,
                     John D. Pain, Alexander Bird, and J. B. Campbell, Trustees.
  • 1893--M.A. Blackburn sells interest in Lacey Store and moves to Hennessey.
  • 1893--Hennessey Clipper sold to C. H. Miller
  • 1893, July 11--Cornerstone laid for First United Methodist Church building.
  • 1894, November 5--First public elementary school building completed.
  • 1895, March 24--First Christian Church of Hennessey chartered.
  • 1897--First graduating class of Hennessey High School (2 year course).
  • 1899--First Christian Church of Hennessey incorporated.
                     Mssrs. S. P. Richardson, J. W. Smith, and J. H. Antrobus, Trustees.
  • 1900, Oct. 11--First Christian Church dedicates sanctuary on corner of S. Main and Third St.
  • 1900, August 15--Oklahoma's first rural mail route established at Hennessey.
  • 1902--First graduating class of Hennessey High School (4 year course).
  • 1902--Hennessey Clipper sold to N.F. Daves.
  • 1906--Addition made to north part of First United Methodist Church.
  • 1909--Hennessey Clipper sold to Sprague Printing Company
                    Mssrs. John and G.E. Sprague
  • 1910--Hennessey Separate School constructed. Professor E. H. Hall principal.
  • 1911, January 22--First Christian Church sanctuary destroyed by fire.
  • 1912--Devastating cyclone hits Hennessey
  • 1912, May--Flood
  • 1913--Miss Mabel Walker buys Hennessey Clipper
  • 1913--Original school building expanded and remodeled with stucco exterior.
  • 1913, August 21--City Hall and Opera House opened on south side of Memorial Park.
  • 1913, September 6--Hennessey Public Library opened with 300 books--later closed.
  • 1913, September 28--Elder William LeMay, Pastor, dedicates new brick sanctuary of First Christian Church.
  • 1914--Hennessey Clipper and Press-Democrat combine.
                     Frank G. Tiernay, co-publisher with Mabel Walker.
  • 1915--First high school yearbook.
  • 1921--Catholic grade school constructed.
  • 1921--Rhodes Hotel burns; Ed Gaudin, proprietor; Mrs. L.L. Fitch, owner
  • 1922--Congregational Church at Cherokee and Oklahoma sold to Methodists for educational building and moved to the First United Methodist Church property.
  • 1923--Professor E.H. Hall dies, Separate School renamed Hall School.
  • 1926--Catholic grade school closed.
  • 1927--"Gusher!"--east of town
  • 1927, August 18--Ehler's Big Store closes.
  • 1927, Dec. 22--Lt. Cmdr. Roy K. Jones dies in submarine accident.
  • 1928--New high school building constructed (current town hall/library)
  • 1928--Lee Hart employed as Superintendent of Schools.
  • 1933--Dr. Newton Rector dies at 96.
  • 1933, August 30--The Ortman Theater Opens.
  • 1934, Labor Day--Dr. H. Violet Sturgeon becomes first woman doctor in Kingfisher County.
  • 1938, January--American Association of University Women agree to gather books to be left at the office of Dr. H. Violet Sturgeon for children to check out.
  • 1938, November 11--Hennessey Church of the Nazarene organized. Reverend Frank Harris, pastor.
  • 1939, December 12--Hennessey Public Library opened with 1,500 books contributed by community.
  • 1939--Pat Hennessey Memorial Garden and Lighthouse dedicated.
  • 1941--New elementary school building built by WPA, Stucco building razed.
  • 1944--Dr. H. Violet Sturgeon elected Vice-President of Oklahoma State Medical Association, first woman elected to office.
  • 1941, Dec. 7--U.S. Navy Pfc Clifford Hill killed at Pearl Harbor.
  • 1947--Hall School closed.
  • 1948, May 30--War Dads and War Mothers of Hennessey dedicate monument in Memorial Park.
  • 1951, April 8--Dedication services for sanctuary of Hennessey Church of the Nazarene. Reverend C. E. Hagemeier, pastor.
  • 1954, February 3--New Educational Building for First United Methodist Church dedicated by Bishop W. Angie Smith.
  • 1958--First oil well drilled
  • 1958, May--Lee Hart resigns as Superintendent of Schools.
  • 1953--Arthur L. and Jean Walter buy Frank Tiernay's half-interest in Hennessey Clipper
  • 1959--Lee Hart dies in hunting accident.
  • 1961, March 5--Consecration of new sacutuary of First United Methodist Church, Rev. Robert Pierson, pastor.
  • 1964--Second new high school building built.
  • 1965--Reverend Vida Robinson, Pastor, Hennessey Church of the Nazarene.
  • 1967--First United Methodist Church parsonage built south of the church
  • 1968--Lacey School consolidated with Hennessey.
  • 1969--Leon Crosswhite graduates from Hennessey High School.
  • 1972--Middle School building constructed (present building).
  • 1973, June 17--New sanctuary dedicated for First Christian Church
  • 1977--Arthur Walter dies. William B. Walter, son of Arthur and Jean, becomes publisher of Hennessey Clipper
  • 1978, June--Bill Walter names wife, Barbara Walter. managing editor of Hennessey Clipper.
  • 1980, April 29--Dr. H. Violet Sturgeon dies.
  • 1980, September--Jean Walter dies.
  • 1983--Second New Elementary building constructed (present building).
  • 1984--Library and Town Hall move into old high school building. Memorial Hall razed.
  • 1996, Jan. 16--Hennessey Friends of the Library organized.
  • 2002--New High School Auditorium building constructed.